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Whole Home Generators

Whole Home Generator Installation & Maintenance in Chattanooga, TN


With a high frequency of sky-shaking storms and powerful tornadoes, Chattanooga homeowners and business owners can’t always count on power from the grid. Thankfully, there’s a modern solution to this unpredictable climate—a whole home generator. At Scenic City, we’re dedicated to keeping Chattanooga residents comfortable and Chattanooga businesses open. That’s why we offer Generac whole home generator installation, maintenance, and repair services throughout Hamilton County and beyond.

With over two decades of experience, the experts at Scenic City Heating and AC can guide you through frequent questions, covering everything from the cost of whole home generator installation to “What is the best whole home generator for my needs?” As verified providers and installers of Generac whole home generators, we can also help you maintain your equipment for years to come—whatever it takes to keep your home or business armed against sudden blackouts. Keep the lights on, the AC running, and your doors open for business with a whole home generator from Scenic City Heating and AC! Call us today at (423) 225-5808 or contact us online!

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Stay Ready for the Next Power Disruption with Scenic City Heating and AC

The wise anticipate while the unprepared react. Call us today for whole home generator installation & stay vigilant, Chattanooga!

Reliable Backup Power Power

We don’t just stop at installation; our services extend to maintenance and repairs whenever you need us. Our commitment goes beyond installation, ensuring that your equipment remains in top condition to combat sudden blackouts. Our whole-home generators seamlessly kick in to provide uninterrupted power, keeping your lights on, appliances running, and your daily routine undisturbed.

Get your whole home backup generator today!

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Why Choose Scenic City Heating and AC?

Upfront Pricing

We’ll tell you what it costs beforehand—no hidden fees or surprise charges.

24/7 Emergency Service

We’re ready day and night for HVAC & plumbing emergencies.

Expert Versatility

From AC repair to water filtration systems, we’ve got you covered!

No Mess

We respect your home & commit to leaving it cleaner than we found it.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’ll stick around until you’re comfortable & happy—whatever it takes.

Owner’s Voice Guarantee

If you have an issue, speak with our owner, and he will make it right!

Hear from Happy Customers

Get Your Whole Home Backup Generator Today!

Don’t wait until the next big storm to learn that your hookup to the grid is less than reliable. Keep your family comfortable and your business operating in the best and worst of times with a whole home generator from Scenic City Heating and AC! Contact us today.