Expert Air Conditioning Service in Fort Oglethorpe

Keep your home cool all year with expert AC repair and maintenance service from your pros at Scenic City Heating & AC.

Keeping your air conditioner in top working order can mean all the difference between an emergency and a comfortable afternoon at home. More often than not, however, homeowners don’t think about their unit until there’s a problem. Whether it’s an air conditioner that won’t turn on or a unit that’s blowing warm air instead of cold, you can count on our AC contractors for help. At Scenic City Heating & AC, we offer top-rated air conditioning services throughout the Fort Oglethorpe, GA area, and have been for over 20 years!

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Should You Consider an AC Replacement?

Not all air conditioning issues can be solved with a repair. At some point, the problem may be severe enough that a full air conditioning replacement is needed. If your unit is dealing with any of the following, it may be time.

  • Constant Repairs: One repair every few years shouldn’t be a major concern. However, if you start scheduling appointments with your AC contractors on a weekly basis, there’s a problem. As your unit deteriorates, repair issues can become a constant problem.
  • High Energy Costs: The older your unit gets the harder it has to work to keep your home cool. That excess effort can easily translate where it hurts the most - your energy bill. If you see an unexplained spike in your utility costs, you should have your unit inspected.
  • Low Airflow: Every part of your home should be able to get a consistent and comfortable flow of cool air. If there is little to no air coming out of your vents or your unit has to work harder to distribute air evenly, it may be time for an upgrade.
  • Old Age: Air conditioning units can last anywhere from 8 to 10 years, depending on the amount of usage it gets and your upkeep. Once it gets to those later years of service, and repair issues become frequent, it may be time for a change.

At Scenic City Heating & AC, we are your reliable air conditioning experts. From finding the ideal unit to accommodate your home size and budget, to performing the AC installation, we make investing in your home easier than ever.

Benefits of Routine Tune-Ups

One of the best ways to keep your new air conditioner in good working order is with routine air conditioner maintenance. Part of our service is providing state of the art diagnostics and care for your system. Our technicians will take the time to inspect every inch of your unit including mechanical and electrical components.

This allows us to address minor issues before they become major ones. Additionally, routine air conditioner tune-ups can provide you with plenty of benefits like:

  • Longer appliance lifespan
  • Improved air quality
  • Lower energy costs
  • Higher airflow
  • Quieter operation

At the very least, you should always remember to replace your air filter as this can easily help your Fort Oglethorpe, GA air conditioner work more efficiently, while also improving your indoor air quality.

We know that remembering to maintain your unit can be tough. That’s why we offer a convenient membership plan to make ongoing care as simple as possible.

Signs You Need an Emergency Air Conditioner Repair

Not all air conditioning repair service is made equal. When there’s an issue that can’t wait until morning, like an air conditioner that’s blowing hot air, a unit that has a burning smell, or a system that won’t turn on at all, you can count on our experts for help.

At Scenic City Heating & AC, we are your reliable 24-hour emergency air conditioning contractors. Using our state of the art diagnostic equipment, we can quickly find the source of your issue, and get your system back up and running in no time. With over 20 years of local expertise and the highest quality staff around, you can put your trust in our care.

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