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Concerned that your old heating system is near the end of its life? At Scenic City Heating & AC, we offer top-quality furnace replacement services.

As every winter is seemingly getting colder, having a properly working heating system is more important than ever. Whether you have a central heating system, oil furnace, or even a heat pump, having a reputable heating contractor you can depend on is key. At Scenic City Heating & AC, we are your Fort Oglethorpe, GA heating service company. Not only do we offer 24/7 emergency heating service to help address those unexpected issues, but also we can keep your heating system in top shape with our convenient membership plans. So no matter what your heating needs, we’ll be there to help keep your home and family comfortable.

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Common Symptoms of a Damaged Furnace

In most cases, homeowners won’t realize there’s an issue with their heating system until they come home to freezing indoor temperatures. However, there were plenty of warning signs well before this emergency happens. So how do you know when to call a furnace contractor for repairs? Some common symptoms to look for include:

  • High Energy Costs: While your energy bill will likely go up in the winter, it should be a manageable amount. Large spikes are often an indication that your furnace is working harder to heat your home, which can eventually lead to a furnace repair issue.
  • Low Airflow: Your furnace should be able to distribute consistent airflow throughout your home. If there are certain areas of your home that get little to no hot air or there’s weak airflow throughout your entire home, this is an issue that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.
  • Temperature Control Issues: Temperature issues are often blamed on one of two things - a thermostat issue or a faulty furnace. Your unit should be able to produce consistent temperatures whenever you need it. Anything less than that is a cause for concern.
  • Strange Noises: Whether you have an electric or gas furnace, there are plenty of moving parts inside that help that unit keeps you warm. Anytime your furnace is making strange noises, there may be a loose part of there’s a fuel issue, both of which need to be addressed quickly by a furnace contractor.

Because you likely only use your Fort Oglethorpe, GA furnace a few months in the year, it’s very common for it to fall into disrepair. Because of this, we always suggest an annual furnace tune-up right before the winter season to give you peace of mind knowing your system will work when you need it most.

How Does Maintenance Help?

A simple way to avoid an emergency heating repair service is keeping up with your annual maintenance. During a furnace tune-up, our technicians will use state of the art diagnostics equipment to check every aspect of your unit. This includes mechanical components, electrical connections, fuel sources, and even the furnace filter. By addressing issues when they’re still minor, you can easily avoid that larger, more expensive repair.

Not only that, but maintenance can offer additional benefits like fewer repairs, longer appliance lifespan, and improved energy performance. By keeping your furnace in top shape, the more efficiently it can heat your home. This can easily lower your energy costs and leave your Fort Oglethorpe, GA home more comfortable during the winter season.

Never forget a heating maintenance appointment with our convenient memberships plans. We take the guesswork out of tune-ups so you can enjoy a comfortable home in any season.

Benefits of Timely Furnace Replacement

Once your furnace has reached the end of its lifespan, generally about 10 years or so, it may be time for a furnace replacement. While this is often an unexpected expense for homeowners, it doesn’t have to be all bad. With every new heating installation, you can enjoy plenty of perks like:

  • Increase Property Value
  • Improved Air Quality
  • High-Efficiency Performance (lower energy bills)
  • Better Indoor Air Quality
  • And More!

If you think your heating system is in need of replacement, contact our staff. We offer upfront pricing, convenient financing, and personalized service that makes a furnace installation a simple and convenient job.

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