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Reliable Residential Plumbing Services in Chattanooga, TN

Keeping drains flowing & water warm in the Scenic City

In a plumbing emergency, knowing who to call isn’t always easy. You want someone with the experience and integrity to provide the best solutions at the best price. And you need someone who can respond rapidly while still taking measures to set you up for long-term performance. Eventually, you have to make a call. At Scenic City Heating and AC, our team of licensed residential plumbers in Chattanooga strives to earn the honor of answering it.

Whether you’re facing a stubborn clog or remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, our full-service plumbers can handle anything. We know how quickly water line, drain line, or sewer line problems can derail your routine—and your budget. That’s why we offer quick, reliable, and affordable home plumbing services while never cutting corners on quality. You can count on Scenic City Heating and AC to handle every plumbing repair service, installation, and maintenance call with respect!
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Scenic City’s Home Plumbing Service Protection Plan

Throughout Southeastern Tennessee, family, community, and professional life is always vibrant and on the go. Unexpected plumbing repairs shouldn’t wreck your busy schedule. That’s where the Scenic City Heating and AC Protection Plan comes in. As a member, you’ll enjoy priority scheduling, lower water bills, tune-ups of your home’s major fixtures and systems, and protection against sudden repairs. Get exclusive membership discounts and one plumbing inspection & tune-up per year so you’ll never have to worry about what’s coming down the pipeline. Learn more and apply for our Protection Plan today!

How to Know You Need Water Line Repair

It’s doubtful that any Chattanooga homeowner ever thinks twice about their sewer line or main water line until there’s a problem. However, regardless of how old your pipes are, eventually, you’ll have to replace them as they wear down. Here are a few signs that you need to call a residential plumbing company for water line repair or replacement.

  • LOW WATER PRESSURE: If you notice a reduction in your home’s water pressure, it could be that you have a leaking or blocked water line. Call our experienced repair technicians to perform a sewer video inspection to find out precisely what’s going on in your plumbing.
  • PUDDLES IN THE LAWN: If you see water pooling in your yard despite not having any precipitation, it could be that you have a leak in your main water line. However, if the ground is absorbing all the water from a leak, overly lush patches in your yard are also a good indication that something is wrong.
  • GURGLING SOUNDS: Another sign of a problem in your main water line is hearing gurgling sounds coming from your toilet when you turn on the sink.
  • DISCOLORED WATER: The water coming out of your fixtures should be odorless and colorless, so if you notice that your water is brown for a few seconds after turning on the spigot, it may point to a corroded water line.

While you may take pride in fixing things around the house yourself, it takes a professional to diagnose and repair main water line problems. Call Scenic City Heating & AC if you notice any of the water line problems above.

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From toilets that won’t flush to water filtration systems, trust Scenic City’s #1 plumbing company!

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We’re proud to be the go-to plumbing company for homes throughout Hamilton County, greater Tennessee, and Georgia. Whether you need a kitchen plumber or a sewer line pro—or anything in between—our team is standing by to get your home back to fully functional peace.