Garbage Disposal & Kitchen Sink Services in Chattanooga

Garbage disposals are gaining popularity as more people become environmentally conscious. Call us today and find out how a garbage disposal installation can benefit you.

Chattanooga residents that strive to be more eco-friendly are turning toward using garbage disposals to achieve that goal. At Scenic Heating, AC & Plumbing, we have over twenty years of serving the greater metropolitan area with professional, 100% guaranteed plumbing services. Contact us today at 423-622-5100 to find out how we can improve your home.

If you have a clog that won’t go away no matter what you’ve tried, call us for our thorough and safe drain cleaning service.

Benefits of a Garbage Disposal Installation

If you’re wondering how you can still live a comfortable, convenient lifestyle while protecting the environment, one answer may be a garbage disposal installation. If you’ve never considered a garbage disposal, or are still on the fence, consider the following benefits.

  • Saves Time If you dread cleaning up after a meal, a garbage disposal makes this chore quicker and less of a headache.
  • Reduces Waste If you’re concerned about the amount of trash you’re putting into a landfill, using a garbage disposal helps reduce the amount of waste and trash bags you put out.
  • Reduces Kitchen Odor As any homeowner can attest to, when you put food waste into the kitchen trash, it’s not long before the odor begins to overwhelm not just the kitchen but the whole house as well. By eliminating the amount of food waste going into the trash, you reduce the kitchen odor that comes with decaying food waste.
  • Saves Money Breaking up food waste reduces the chance that you’ll develop clogged pipes that are expensive to repair and reduces the amount of money you spend on trash bags.

If you’re still unsure that a garbage disposal installation is suitable for you, call us for a consultation.

Do You Need a New Kitchen Sink Installation?

While kitchen fixtures and appliances last longer with proper maintenance, eventually, all of them will require replacing sooner or later. Whether it’s age, mechanical failure, or the lack of new features, everyone will need to replace their kitchen sink. But when is the right time to make the investment?

One of the first things to consider is the water output coming from your sink. If you’ve noticed that the water flow has steadily decreased through the years despite your best efforts to maintain it, the issue could be irreparable damage due to age in the plumbing and fixtures.

Another indication that you might be ready for a new kitchen sink is if it continues to clog even after multiple treatments. While sink clogs are common, especially in the kitchen, considering the amount of food waste that goes down the drains, your drains should run freely for long periods. However, if you’re continually using plungers, chemicals or calling plumbers for repairs, it may be time to ditch that old sink for a new one.

Rust and physical damage may not impede the ability to use your faucet; however, it is very unsightly, and once rust begins, there’s no stopping it. Once your kitchen sink cracks or the tap starts to rust, it’s time to bite the bullet and spring for a new one.

Lastly, consider the features you want in a kitchen sink. Many people are setting up smart rooms with appliances and devices they can control via their phones, and the kitchen is no exception.

If you think about it, the kitchen sink is the cornerstone of the kitchen — when it’s time to cook, clean, or get a drink of water, you’re at the kitchen faucet. And, like many home appliances, advancements in technology have come to the humble kitchen sink.

Today’s smart faucets go above and beyond what you’re probably used to in your old kitchen sink. Many of today’s smart faucets are touch-activated or even voice-controlled. Some faucets connect to the internet, so you can give it commands like filling a glass with a certain amount of water.

If you’re looking for a kitchen sink to make your life easier and complement your smart home, now is the perfect time to consider an upgrade.

When your toilet fails to flush, call Scenic City Heating & AC, and ask about our clogged toilet repair.

Our Faucet Repair Service

The average kitchen faucet is used every day, meaning it gets a thorough workout throughout its life. From cooking to cleaning, the kitchen faucet is ground zero for life in the kitchen.

However, because your kitchen faucet is such a workhorse, it’s bound to suffer from various problems like mineral deposits, rust, leaks, and old age, all of which contribute to the need for repairs or replacement.

At Scenic City Heating & AC, we have over two decades in the in the plumbing industry in Chattanooga and the greater metropolitan area. There isn’t a kitchen sink problem we haven’t been able to fix, so contact us the next time your faucet is giving you fits.

“Do every job right! Treat every customer right!” is the motto that drives us to provide the highest-quality service to Chattanooga homeowners and beyond. Contact us today at 423-622-5100 to schedule service.