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A gas leak in the house isn’t something to ignore. If you suspect that you have a gas leak, ensure your family’s safety by calling an expert gas leak detection company like Scenic City Heating & AC immediately.

Gas leaks have the potential to be deadly if they go undetected or ignored. At Scenic City Heating & AC, your family’s safety is a top priority. If you think there’s a gas leak in the house, don’t wait! Call us right away and let our expertly trained technicians determine if there’s a problem so we can fix it.

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How Dangerous Are Household Gas Leaks?

There are nearly 74 million households throughout the United States that rely on natural gas as a utility. Natural gas is generally less expensive than electricity, and it’s relatively safe when used properly. However, natural gas leaks do occur, and when they happen in the house, they can be deadly if not dealt with immediately.

And, while you may have read some of the horror stories about gas leaks and their outcomes, just how dangerous are they?

One of the most significant dangers that result from gas leaks is carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide results from improper combustion, which often occurs in water heaters, furnaces, and ovens that haven’t been properly maintained. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, and if you inhale too much of this gas, it can result in asphyxiation and death.

If you own gas-powered appliances, you owe it to your family’s safety to install carbon monoxide detectors throughout the house because you can’t always smell a gas leak.

If you rely on natural gas to run your home, call a professional plumber to inspect your system at least once a year to make sure your gas plumbing is leak-free and your family is safe.

Signs of a Gas Leak

Most homes in the United States have at least one or two appliances that run on natural gas, and to ensure that your family is safe from the effects of a gas leak, it’s wise to know the signs that you have a problem.

The most obvious sign of a gas leak that people are familiar with is the odor of rotten eggs or sulfur. Since natural gas has no odor, suppliers put in a chemical called mercaptan to alert users of a leak.

Another sign that you may have a gas leak is if you notice browning or dying vegetation either inside or out.

Hissing sounds coming from gas appliances like your stove or furnace are also a good indication that you have a gas leak.

If you suspect that you have a gas leak in the house, get out and call a gas leak detection company like Scenic City Heating & AC from a safe place.

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