Chattanooga Sewer Camera Inspection Service

When the problem in your sewer line isn’t readily apparent, call Scenic City Heating & AC for our expert sewer drain camera inspection service.

Because most sewer lines lie buried, it’s not always easy to diagnose what the problem is or where it is. That’s where our sewer line video inspection service comes in. At Scenic City Heating & AC, we use state-of-the-art diagnostic and inspection tools to precisely pinpoint your problem so we can plan a custom solution.

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How to Know You Need Camera Inspection

If you experience frequent clogs or other issues with your sewer line, it’s wise to call a professional for sewer line video inspection. By running a high-definition camera through the pipe, the plumber can quickly identify the problem and where it is within the pipe. This quick diagnosis makes it easier and less expensive to devise a repair solution because it eliminates the guesswork.

Also, consider if you’re purchasing a new home; it’s always a good idea to inspect your sewer lines for potential problems before you hand over your money.

Sewer Line Video Inspection Benefits

You may not think that it’s worth the expense or hassle of hiring a plumbing company for a sewer line inspection, but here are a few things to consider.

Having a sewer pipe video inspection saves money by pinpointing the problem and its precise location within the sewer line. By doing this, you eliminate the costly, repeated calls to a plumber for repair service.

Also, regular sewer line video inspection allows you to diagnose developing problems to affect inexpensive repairs before they develop into situations that may require replacing the line.

Lastly, if you’re planting trees or upgrading your landscaping, it’s helpful to have a sewer video inspection for older pipe systems so you can locate the lateral line and head off any root incursions before they happen.

For more information or to schedule a sewer line video inspection, call the pros at Scenic City Heating & AC today.

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