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Benefits of High-Pressure Drain Cleaning

Just like your vehicle, your HVAC system and your hot water heater there is routine maintenance required for your drains and pipes. Your plumbing system awards you modern conveniences like hot showers, clean dishes, and clean laundry which most people take for granted. Homeowners should do a basic cleaning of their drains on a monthly basis, however, they should also have a professional plumber come out to do an annual high-pressure drain cleaning to clear and clean the blockages or clogs you are unable to reach.

What is High-Pressure Drain Cleaning?

High-pressure drain cleaning uses the power of water to clean out any clogs, blockages, tree roots, and other material or sediment from your pipes and drains. A plumber will use a jet nozzle attached to a flexible line that can pass through drain elbows, and any twists or turns your home’s plumbing might have, all while being able to handle several thousand PSI. The water is pressurized to such a high degree that it busts through even the toughest debris and sludge, emulsifies grease, removes layers of scale, and can even take care of minor tree roots. Because of the high-power of the jet spray, it’s highly recommended that only a trained professional performs this task so you will definitely want to skip the DIY on this maintenance task. High-pressure drain cleaning clears out even the most stubborn blockages or clogs, ones that snakes or augers can leave behind.

  1. Delivers Good Results
    High-pressure drain cleaning provides the best cleaning for your drains and pipes. Not only that, it is incredibly effective at clearing clogs and blockages, as well as any small tree roots that may be growing. With other drain cleaning methods, most clogs, blockages or sludge often require more than one technique but with high-pressure drain cleaning, it is much more effective and gets the job done on the first try. The high-pressure stream of water is blasted through in different angles, targeting the problem areas and forcing the materials to move. There are a lot of different and varying causes behind clogs and blockages in your drains so high-pressure drain cleaning is one way to get rid of them all.
  2. Quick and Efficient Method
    Not only is high-pressure drain cleaning highly effective, it is also a quick and efficient method to clear out those stubborn clogs and/or blockages. Rather than having to poke and prod down into your drains and pipes with a lot of trial and error, high-pressure drain cleaning is truly a one-and-done type of solution. High-pressure drain cleaning also easily cleans your drains in record time because not only is the water working at a rapid rate, the actual job is moving at a quicker rate. Your drains and pipes are cleaned quickly and efficiently. It is also important to note that high-pressure drain cleaning takes care of any current and potential issues all at once. By choosing to have your drains high-pressure cleaned, you are saving both yourself and your plumbing technician time as well.
  3. Environmentally and Budget Friendly
    Another benefit of high-pressure drain cleaning is that it is more environmentally friendly than other techniques because there is no use of harsh cleaning agents or chemicals. These products are not only awful for the environment but they also have the ability to enter your water system and have toxic results.  High-pressure drain cleaning only uses water, something that both you, your plumber and your pipes are very familiar with! Also, one of the biggest factors in performing maintenance on your home is the financial burden it may bear. Fortunately, high-pressure drain cleaning is the most economical way to clear drains because no heavy equipment or costly chemicals are necessary. Most of the time, there is not a service charge attached to your high-pressure drain cleaning.  It also can help to clear the clogs or blockages that have yet to present themselves, saving you even more time and money on future plumbing calls.
  4. Kills Bad Odors in Your Home
    One thing to remember is that many blockages in your pipes come from materials like food, soap, hair, grease, as well as other material. Over time, the collection and combination of these items in your pipes can lead to a foul odor in your home. When a foul odor presents itself, they are likely from the clogs in the drain lines, and they should never be ignored because dangerous bacteria can accumulate. Using high-pressure drain cleaning to clear out these blockages will effectively rid your home of any foul smells and eliminate water borne germs or other health risks that could result from stagnant water build-up. High-pressure drain cleaning is the best way to get rid of bacteria and the bad odors associated with dirty, clogged pipes and drains. It keeps you safe and healthy, as well as your home.
  5. Routinely Done
    It is also important to remember that this routine high-pressure drain cleaning helps to eliminate pesky odors that live in your pipes, as they can often be a recurring problem to address. Generally speaking, you will always be accumulating food, grease, soap and other material in your pipes. By having your drains cleaned on an annual basis, you are ensuring that there are no lingering problems from minor clogs as well as no hidden problems that have yet to show up. By keeping up with this routine maintenance, you are protecting the investment you have made on your home.

High-pressure drain cleaning is an exceptional method that makes it easy to clear clogs and blockages quicker than any other method. By being both financially and environmentally friendly, high-pressure drain cleaning is the route to go for homeowners who are looking to have their drains cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals. Not to mention, the overall effectiveness of high-pressure drain cleaning is second to none. When you routinely have your drains high-pressure cleaned, you are more likely to have any lingering problems taken care of and future problems cleared.