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When the summer heat rolls in, nothing is more valuable for your Hixson, TN home than an efficiently functioning air conditioning system. Scenic City Heating & AC are your leading experts in the industry and are here to ensure that your AC is ready for the heat! With 24-hour availability, we work round-the-clock to make certain that your air conditioner continues to provide you with its enduring benefits, filtering away outdoor air pollutants, regulating humidity in the home, and keeping you and your loved ones cool in the thick of a humid summer.

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How Can a Damaged Air Conditioner Impact Your Home?

It can be tempting to let proper maintenance of your AC slide. But, like any other machine, an air conditioner has moving parts that need to be taken care of. When your AC is neglected, the results can be detrimental.

A broken AC can become contaminated. If not able to properly channel out moisture and condensation, it creates an environment that encourages fungal and bacterial growth, which then gets transmitted out into your home and can cause health problems.

A refrigerant leak is also a possibility with a neglected unit. Both a refrigerant leak and bacterial/fungal growth can create serious health problems, like headaches, fatigue, dizziness, breathing problems, nasal congestion, skin rashes, and if in immediate contact with a refrigerant leak, even chemical burns, and frostbite.

The final result of a damaged air conditioner is the high financial cost. Many things can cause your unit to run inefficiently. Air duct leaks, failing parts, low refrigerant, an old air filter clogged with debris - all of these things can restrict airflow and cause the motor and compressor to overheat due to overworking. An air conditioner that has to work harder and longer to cool and filter the air in your home is most certainly a financial drain.

The Importance of Annual AC Maintenance

About 50% of all AC problems can be avoided with yearly maintenance. That is why it is so important to have a professional consultant come and assess your unit every year. If you wait too long, your warranty may run out (and, some warranties could be voided if they require annual maintenance). A tech will provide a tune-up, make any needed repairs, and offer recommendations to help you save money for the long-term.

Routine maintenance is way more cost-effective than replacing your unit after it breaks down. It prevents high electric bills by increasing energy efficiency and lowers the cost of cooling your home. A tech will clean coils of debris and dust, clean out the condensate drain - which, if clogged can cause water damage, lubricate motor parts, and clean and adjust blower components to encourage the durability and energy efficiency of your air conditioner.

Thankfully, our licensed and insured expert AC techs are trained to professionally diagnose and quickly address any problems that arise with your unit. We even offer a maintenance plan with our company membership program.

Replacing Your Central Air Conditioner

It can be daunting to consider replacing your air conditioner. If you notice that your air conditioner is creating strange noises or there is excess dust in your home; if your utility bills are higher than normal, or if there is an increase in humidity in your home, it might be time to get a new unit.

When considering a replacement, there are some important factors to consider:

  • Air conditioners aren’t meant to last more than 10-15 years, so if yours is around 10 years old, it might be more beneficial for you to replace it than repair it.
  • If your system has required more than two repairs in the last ten years, it is probably time to replace it.
  • New systems are phasing out the use of R22, a refrigerant used in older systems that was found to be less environmentally friendly than refrigerants used in newer systems.
  • New systems are more environmentally friendly and emit fewer carbon emissions.
  • A new central air conditioning system would increase the resale value of your home by around 12%.
  • If your current system needs extensive repairs, or if the repairs to your current unit would cost more than 50% than the price of a new unit, it would be better to replace it.

At Scenic City Heating & AC, it is our number one priority to “do every job right and treat every customer right!”  If it is time to consider a replacement air conditioner, or if you just need a simple check-up, count on us to get to you quickly and do the job right the first time!  We are known for our friendly, reliable technicians, and with our state of the art diagnostic equipment and expert skill, we will have your family cool and relaxing in no time.

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